I can’t stay enough positive things about Geoff as a person and business person, and about the way that he conducts his business, and also about how he and his foreman did the work on my driveway last Friday.   The work on lifting the driveway was flawless, and he also did some long overdue sealing between the concrete panels as the sealing had failed. The job was efficiently and exactly in the time frame and date that we discussed.

I had  literally been actively  looking for years to find a contractor who knew what to do with my driveway.  I had a number of contractors give me bids on work that in retrospect didn’t make any sense after meeting with Geoff and getting a clear and concise no-nonsense plan.  He clearly  knows more about concrete work and repair than anyone I’ve ever met, and when I mentioned it to him, he just laughed and modestly said that he’s been doing the work for a really time.  He also patiently provided me with any additional information I needed to understand the process, and what to to expect from the job.

Also, his price on the job was incredibly reasonable compared to others in the field who are very large companies.  The fact that he runs and owns his own business, and that he has such pride in it makes a big difference.

I am fixing up a house, and have been dealing with a lot of contractors over the past few years.  Geoff stands out as an exemplary business owner, contractor and person.  It was such a relief to happen upon him and see that there are still contractors who take such pride in their work and their specialty, and follow through in exactly the manner that they had promised.  I honestly had give up hope on getting my driveway fixed until a realtor friend of mine gave me his name.
Susan Genereaux

My son’s walkway up to his front door has been uneven and a tripping hazard for years. Some of the sections had dropped up to 3″ leaving a dangerous edge to trip on. Decided as a good birthday present we could try to get it fixed once and for all. Called Oregon Concrete Leveling and got quick turnaround on a bid to fix with their Concrete Solution Systems. We were able to get the work done in a very timely manner and the results were better than I could have expected, and just as promised. We also had his driveway cracks patched. Now, no tripping and a much better curb appeal. Thanks.
Steve Young

Concrete Solution Systems was recommended to us by a commercial establishment because we are residential. The owner was very pleasant and helpful. We had our foundation leak repaired within budget , time allotment, and they even followed up after a hard rain to make sure of the repair. We would highly recommend CSS for your repair.
P.B. Kelly

Concrete Solution Systems was a blessing in my rare situation.  Our 117 year old Basalt rock wall needed repair, and I was stuck in between Historical Guidelines and current City Code.  CSS not only followed through with an amazing and beautiful job on the wall- but also stood beside me going through the process with the City.  I am very thankful to have found and chosen this company after interviewing about 10.  CSS proved to be the only full service start to finish, as well as having an excellent crew in profession and personality.  Always positive, helpful and on task.  All of the neighborhood is in awe of the finished piece- even the Mayor!
K. F. of Portland, OR

Geoff Larrance and his crew of workers were professional and courteous to us, the customers. They all know their jobs. They arrived on time and went to work right away, getting the project completed earlier than previously estimated. They are efficient, intelligent and listen to the customers concerns. We highly recommend Geoff Larrance and his team of workers for any job you may have that requires a professional!
Gary Briel of Longview, WA

We were thrilled with the work of Geoff and Devin!  We had a very complex challenge with our front concrete porch slab dropping down on one side due to some kind of underlying erosion. We had four different contractors come out to provide us estimates.  Three of them saw the complexity of the situation and declined to provide an estimate. The fourth estimated the work at $14,000 because the process would require tearing out the entire front porch concrete and brick work and replacing it.  Geoff and Devin were able to raise the concrete slab back up very close to the original position at a fraction of the cost and completed the work in under three hours.  Amazing – and delightful young men to work with at that!
Scott & Patty T. of Central Point, OR