Descriptions of frequent and typical projects from a customer’s perspective.

Concrete Driveway Leveling and Stabilization

We own a home in SW Portland and have been noticing our Concrete Driveway and Garage Slabs slowly sinking over the past 8 years. We became concerned when the concrete slabs started creating several trip hazards and forming new cracks. We decided to research our options and inquired with Concrete Solution Systems through their website. They were very responsive and were able to provide us an on site inspection that only took about 30 minutes to perform. We felt very comfortable with the thorough and informative inspection process.

We reviewed the proposal and agreed that stabilizing and Leveling our Driveway and Garage Slabs with Polyurethane Foam was the correct choice.

Once we decided to go with Concrete Solution Systems, they scheduled our project right away. The production team was top notch and we could tell right away that they were very experienced. The owner spent 20 minutes walking around the house with me and providing tips and suggestions to our drainage problems and really put me at ease.

The crew performed their Leveling process effectively while communicating to us during the entire process. We are extremely pleased with the results and were able to save several thousand dollars (and a big headache) by not having to demolish and replace the Driveway and Garage!

We were more than happy to write this letter to let everyone know that you will get the highest level of professionalism and experience when you work with Concrete Solution Systems.

Basement Cement Slab Settling. Void Fill and Lift

We have a daylight basement that has been showing some cracking and settling. We heard about Polyurethane foam to stabilize the slab and also heard about Carbon Fiber Repair options to the Foundation.

Commercial Warehouse Slab. High Density Soil and Slab Stabilization

We own a commercial slab that has several areas of settlement. Our forklifts are unstable when traveling over the Expansion Joints. We are interested in Polyurethane Foam to Void Fill, Stabilize and Level our Concrete Slabs.

Deep Injection Polyurethane Foam to Strengthen Soil under Load Bearing Columns

We have a large covered Patio Slab with Brick Columns on top of it. We are seeing movement and cracking in the columns and slabs. We are interested in your Deep Injection Soil and Slab Stabilization process in lieu of a very expensive Deep Foundation System offered by your Competitor (Terrafirma)